Artist’s Statement

I have been working in the medium of gouache paint since 2001.  Before that, I worked in charcoal and graphite and eventually colored pencil as I developed an interest in color that led me to begin painting.

Tape paintings: The paintings presented in this section represent a group of trompe-l’oeil images evolved from an earlier still-life style. My attraction to geometric patterns was explored in these paintings and eventually became my main focus. I am especially intrigued by a tension between flat 2D patterns and realistic 3D effects.

Grid series: Each of my most recent paintings is based on a grid structure. I find the grid to be an appealing scaffold upon which to play with variations of pattern, color, light, and volume. The grid serves as a unifying starting theme for me as it does in the many tile and textile patterns that attract me, such as Islamic tile patterns and African kente cloth from Ghana.

Although there are no longer representational objects in my paintings as there once were, observation of the visual world is still an important part of my process. The play of light and color on the geometric forms in the world around me is a constant inspiration.

Arches series: I am drawn to architecture as a source of appealing geometric shapes and patterns. I have been adding arch shapes to my grids as a motif. The arch is in itself a beautiful shape that additionally echoes with overtones of history and culture that resonate with me.

I will continue to look for ways to combine and integrate arches, grids, patterns, and trompe-l’oeil effects as I explore the expressive potential of the limitless variations of these themes.